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Northcutt Dog Training Solutions

"It is our mission to help build better relationships for people & their dogs. Our commitment to positive reinforcement methods provides a safe, fun environment for each person to not only train their dog, but strengthen their bond."
Animal Behavioral College

We want to help each dog adjust to the human world, and provide humans with the tools to guide their dogs effectively. All of our approved trainers are Animal Behavioral College Certified Dog Trainers, so you always know you are in knowledgeable and trustworthy hands.

No matter the goals you have for training your dog, it all starts with effective communication. We use positive reinforcement techniques to teach behavior, and teach the principles of learning so that you may better communicate with your dog to solve problem behaviors and increase obedience. We also extend our committment to every dog's well-being through exercise, and play. Exercise is never just exercise, but is an excellent training opportunity.

We pride ourselves on building the proper foundation to teach dogs any task. Success can only be measured through the success of your relationship with your dog, and we are committed to your success.

Once Trained, Always Trained

Raising a dog is a committment that can span decades. This is no easy task, requiring a lot of attention and care even when problems arise. To thank our dog loving friends for their committment to giving dogs the best home possible, we offer the "Once Trained, Always Trained" guarantee for our training services. Every client of our services has access to free e-mail and phone consultations for life. This extends to every dog you give a loving home to! Simply purchase at least one training session, and we will be there for you.

Training does not stop after just a few sessions, questions will arise, and techniques may need to change from dog to dog. We offer this guarantee to give the tools necessary to solve any problem with any dog in your care.

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